We make it easy!

FaciliTec supplies a wide range of facility management services in the Nordics and Poland.

FaciliTec - We make it easy!

We take care of and increase the value of properties - and ensure that it is easy to create great well-being in everyday life! For our customers, for their employees and customers - and for residents. We also have a strong focus on our employees.


FaciliTec was created in 2021 through a merger of Mitie Norge AS and TBB Eiendomsdrift AS, both of which have a long history going back locally in Eastern Norway and Nordic and international through Mitie.

As of the summer of 2023, we have over 150 employees serving close to 1,000 customers in six countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Poland and Sweden. And we're still growing!

Our specialties are high technical competence - and a wide range of services (hard and soft service) - with tailoring and flexibility!

Innovative technical solutions are also used to make it easy for our customers to handle what they want - and easy to communicate with us. This takes place via the FaciliWorld customer portal.

Our last three letters in FaciliTec have an important meaning for us and our customers.

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High technical competence. Monitors and contributes to developing the industry within technical solutions.

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Environment and sustainability are prioritized throughout. We have defined eight goals that make up our own sustainability strategy.

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The customer in focus! With tailor-made solutions, personal service and FaciliWorld - we make it easy!

FaciliTec - 8 sustainability goals


FaciliTec has defined eight goals that make up our own sustainability strategy. The ambitions for sustainability work are to help eradicate poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change.

In order to achieve sustainable development, we have ambitions to gather sustainability work in a separate framework.

Our eight sustainability goals:

  1. Responsible consumption and production
  2. Decent work and economic growth
  3. Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  4. Good health and quality of life
  5. Equality
  6. Life in the sea
  7. Collaborate to achieve goals
  8. Stop climate change
A lady in a Facilitec t-shirt is doing gardening work. The picture is taken from directly above the bush. Photo.

Our sustainability strategy can be summarized in the following points:

FaciliTec must run an environmentally friendly, professional and safe business.
FaciliTec must be a responsible and developing employer.
FaciliTec must be developed stably and profitably based on a good ethical and moral attitude.
FaciliTec takes responsibility for its suppliers.
FaciliTec must provide correct and relevant information.

Among other things, many of our 100 cars are electric and all of the materials and chemicals we use are of the most environmentally friendly variety.

The Transparency Act


FaciliTec naturally follows the Openness Act and has incorporated all necessary routines to comply with it.

We have a continuous focus on preventing, reducing and stopping negative impact on society and the environment and have implemented strict internal guidelines for sustainability. Including reducing energy consumption and waste, as well as choosing environmentally friendly solutions for procurement and production.

Do you have questions about FaciliTec's relationship with the Openness Act or with any of our partners/suppliers?

Send email to apenhet@facilitec.no

FaciliTec is part of the Aesse group, which also consists of Insider Facility Solutions AS, Norsk Offshore Catering AS, Reco Bygg og Skadeteknikk AS, Betotec AS and Canny Hjemmerenhold AS.

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